nyu factory store (nfs)
Not only we sell something new, but also we change used stuff into something brand new. That is socalled “remake” or “reuse”. "nyu factory store” is a factory where we make your own stuff based on the synergy of our proposal and your preference. At nfs, we have “epoquesewn” which is a brand of customizable leather products. You can change parts and colors as options. Also you can add studs and transcriptions on your leather product. Other than that, we have “edited repair & compagne” that redesigns cloths like jeans while repairing them, “tooltools” that reuses industrial waste and discarded articles, and “handlewear” that designs and crafts leather handles of things such as furniture and boxes (this brand is going to start next spring). These days there are excessive stuff, and on-demand production is more needed than mass production. We think that one of the solutions to this issue is “nfs”. “Sustainable”, “ethical” and “DIY” are indispensable in a new era, so we realize them for end users at this new style factory. Of course it is different from “made-to-order” or “repair”, but is “make your own” (as far as sewing). This is what we can do at “nyu factory store”.

〒550-0013    Tokyo bldg #401  2-14-11 shinmachi nishi-ku osaka JAPAN / phone 050-5436-9867

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